24  Feb  2017     8:15            Totally Delicious

3  Feb 2017     8:15            Totally Delicious

21  Jan 2017     4:00pm       The Honeybox Live

20  Jan 2017     9:15om       BBC Introducing I WILL WAIT  - me and James Bell collaboration.


19  Jan 2017     7:00pm       KMF Group, Ladies Prosecco Evening / Donna Louise Trust

21  Dec 2017    3:45pm        6 Towns Radio with Terry Love

16  Dec 2017    7:00pm        Leaf,  Manchester.

1   Dec 2017     8pm           Totally Delicious, Trentham Shopping Village

30 Nov 2017     6pm           Music Store Pro Big Event, Hanley Stoke-on-Trent

28 Nov 2017     7:30pm       Gorilla, Manchester - Live & Lyrical ShowcasingEmerging Talent

                                       presented by British & Irish Modern Music Inst 

25 Nov  2017    8pm           Red Barn Radio Show Broadcast  

                                       Kentucky-WUKY, WEKU, Crescent Hill Radio  

                                       East Tennessee-WETS.com SSBRADIO.NET  

                                       Lost Creek West Virginia-WOTR.FM WHAWRADIO.COM 

                                       MINNESOTA  KDHL KTWH

                                       Regina Sask  CJTR.CA

18 Nov 2017     8:00pm        Totally Delicious, Trentham, Staffordshire

16 Nov 2017      9:00pm       Radio Chillz with 6 Towns Radio, Chillz Bar, Burslem, S-o-T.

6 Nov 2017       7:00pm        Black Dog Ballroom, Manchester

4 Nov 2017       10:00pm       Paneros Cafe Bar, Newcastle-under-Lyme

1 Nov 2017        7:30pm       Lamplight Sessions, The Castle Hotel, Manchester

​28 Oct 2017       2:00pm       Wedding Ceremony at Wroxeter Hotel, Wroxeter, Shrewsbury  

28  Oct 2017       8:00pm      BBC Radio Stoke Introducing broadcast

21  Oct 2017       1:00pm     Live and Local Stage - Music Store Pro

7   Oct 2017   10:30am        BBC Radio Stoke Introducing, in the studio with Rob

                                      Adcock for interview and record some songs, this will be

                                      broadcast towards 28th of October.


​30  Sept 2017    7:30pm   Leek Blues and Americana Festival.  The Quiet Woman

23  Sept 2017   10:30am   BBC Radio Stoke in studio with Den Siegertsz chatting and

                                    playing a few songs from my album 'Reminds Me of You'

4   Sept 2017    6:00pm    The White Hart Hotel, Uttoxeter 

20 Aug 2017     3:00pm    Q in the Park (on the Band Stand)pre festival to V Fest. 

16 Aug 2017     4:00pm    Cross Rhythms Radio, Stoke-on-Trent with chatting with  

                                   Jonathan Bellamy and singing my song RIDE

​11 Aug 2017    12:45pm   LeeFest the Neverland - opening on the MainStage for 

                                   headliner Jake Bugg (other artists Tom Brennan, Parcels.

                                   LeeFest gained mainstream acclaim when it won the UK                    

                                   Festival​ Awards  'Best Grassroots Festival' and 'Best

                                   Festival ' at the Association of Independent Music Awards.    

 9 Aug 2017     3:00pm    BBC Radio Stoke, live performance and Studio chat - Click Here to listen  

 5 Aug 2017     1:00pm    Local and Live, Music Store Pro, Hanley, Stoke-on-Trent

28 Jul 2017      8:30pm    The Quarter, Hanley Stoke-on-Trent

22 Jul 2017      7:00pm    Trentham Park Golf Club, Trentham,  Wedding, Private 

 8 Jul 2017      1:40pm     Stone Music Festival, Stone, Staffordshire.            ​

15 May 2017    12:00pm   ABC36 TV Midday Kentucky

11 May 2017    7:00pm     Red Barn Radio, Arts Place, Lexington Ky

5 May 2017      8:00pm     The Pub, near Fayette Mall, Lexington  Ky

29 Apr 2017    11:00am     Kentucky Barefoot TV - Sound of Lexington Ky

 8 Mar 2017      9:00pm     The Burl, Lexington Ky

​25 Jan 2017     7:00pm      Red Barn Radio​ Guest of David McClean, Lexington Ky

14 Jan 2017      8:00pm     Lexjam 10th Anniversary at Willies Locally Known

 2 Dec 2016      8:00pm     The Pub, Fayette Mall, Lexington

 2 Nov 2016      7:30pm     The Pub,  Fayette Mall, Lexington

 5 Oct  2016      7:00pm     Songwriters Round, Burgerfi, Fayette Mall are, Lexington

 3 Oct 2016       8:00pm     Woodsongs Old Time Radio Hour, Lyric Theatre, Lexington 

                                     Alongside Michael Johnathan, Bobby Rush and Dallahan

 3 Oct 2016       12:00pm   WKYT CBS TV, Midday news  

30 Sep 2016       7:00pm   Lex Arts Charity Party, Summit Salon, Lexington KY  

14 Sep 2016       7:00pm   The Pub, near Fayette Mall, Lexington

10 Sep 2016       7:30pm    J Renders Bar and BBQ, Beaumont Lexington  

4th Sep 2016      7:20pm    LexiFest Festival, Pround Mary's Richmond Ky

​14 Jul  2016       7:00pm    Christian Appalachian Project Charity - Nick Ryan's          


12 Jul  2016       7:00pm     Willis Music -Make Music Event, Lexington Ky

  9 Jul 2016       7:00pm     Common Ground, Lexington

July / August                   The Glebe - Stoke ,  Granvilles & Langtry's Stone  (UK)

24 Jun 2016       7:30pm     J Renders Bar and BBQ,  Beaumont, Lexington Ky

19 Jun 2016       7:00pm    Marshall Lifestyle Medical  - private function​

​April 2016         6:00pm     The Ravine, Battle of the Bands, Eastern Kentucky    



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