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Lissy Taylor supporting Alina Ly at The Castle Hotel in the Northern Quarter.
The whole concert was organised by Scruff of the neck and they couldn’t have possibly brought on a better show! Every single act totally delivered; the vibes from start to finish could not be contained in the overly packed room.

When Lissy started strumming her guitar and delivered her first few lines I knew that she was special, her voice very unique and song lyrics meaningful, all of this coupled with her stage presence made her act incredible. I was totally transported amongst the wild flowers, as one of her songs was nicely titled.Type your paragraph here.

Each song got better and towards the end as I looked around everyone had the same look as me; completely taken aback by her talent.

Neverworld 2018 Review -

As a new day of entertainment began it was the turn Lissy Taylor to light up the main stage and get the day underway. Lissy's blend of Country-infused music has an element of The Staves and First Aid Kit about it but can also clearly be traced back to her love of Johnny Cash. From Stoke-On-Trent via Kentucky and Manchester, having played last year, Lissy returned to Neverworld with her band.

'Back Seat Of A Daydream', 'High' and, to end her set, highlight 'Wild Flowers' was an early treat for all those that managed to catch her.